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Jarrell Intermediate School, 502 N 5th St Jarrell, Texas  76537  (512) 746-4805  Principal, Becky Snow

Announcements and Homework assignments

Week of January 8-12


Weekly Word Problems

John is building a treehouse to serve as his hideout whenever he wants to spend some time alone.

  1. The first thing he does is gather some materials. For the pillars, he needs two sets of wood with different lengths. If the first set of wood is 4 feet long and the second set is 5 times longer than the first set, how long is the second set of wood?
  2. Another material that he needs is rope. If he already has 6 feet of rope and he needs additional ropes having 5 times the length of what he already have, how long should be the additional rope?
  3. For the walls of the house, he will use 9 large planks of wood. If each plank of wood needs 8 pieces of nails to be secured, how many nails does John need for the house wall?
  4. For the roof, John will need 2 sets of metal bars for support. If each set has 7 metal bars, how many metal bars are there in all?
  5. For the final touches, John wants to paint the house using the 3 primary colors. If he has 5 liters of paint for each color, how many liters of paint does he have in all?


  • January 15 Student and Teacher Holiday
  • If you have not signed up for Remind to get information or communicate with your child’s teacher, please do that! You will be glad you did! It is super easy to use! There are links on the teacher website.
  • We are collecting aluminum can tabs to help the Ronald McDonald House. Please continue to send those throughout the school year at your convenience.
  • We are collecting box tops to help our school. Please continue to send those throughout the school year at your convenience
  • Yearbooks are for sale!


  • Math - We will use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number. Strategies may include mental math, partial products, and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties.
  • Science - We will identify and compare different landforms including mountains, hills, valleys and plains. We will also investigate rapid changes in earth’s surface, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides. We will explore and record how soils are formed by weathering of rock and the decomposition of animal remains.
  • Reading - We will review classroom goals and expectations.
  • Language Arts - We will review classroom goals and expectations.
  • Social Studies - We will explain how the Age of Exploration and its key explorers affected Native American communities, created new non-Native communities, and expanded into new areas of the southwest.


  • Math - Please begin studying multiplication facts through 12 for ten to fifteen minutes per day. . We will be taking a 2 minute timed quiz (starting with the 2’s) each day until all students have memorized their math facts through 12. They should be able to tell you which number they are on! This can be done using flash cards (bought or homemade), any website that offers practice for multiplication math facts to 12, and/or any math apps for tablets, iPads, or smartphones. They also have accounts set up for Xtramath and IXL. Student usernames and passwords will be written in their agenda. This can be done anywhere including car, waiting in line, outdoors or any place! This is such a huge piece in helping students feel confident in the classroom and more successful in math!
  • Reading -
    • Read for 20 minutes, and fill out the Reading Log. You will need a total of 80 minutes each week.
Spelling - Practice and memorize weekly Spelling words. Quiz every Friday!