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Jarrell Intermediate School, 502 N 5th St Jarrell, Texas  76537  (512) 746-4805  Principal, Becky Snow
Jessica Kuehne » Week of September 18th

Week of September 18th

Week of September 18-22


  1. The coastline of Washington State is 157 miles long. To the nearest hundred, how many miles long is Washington’s coastline?

  1. Rita collected 452 baseball cards. Bill collected 428 baseball cards. Round each number of baseball cards to the nearest hundred. About how many more baseball cards did Rita collect than Bill collected?

  1. During the school year, Nina spelled 382 words correctly, Dave spelled 346 words correctly, and Mike spelled 161 words correctly. How many words did Nina, Dave, and Mike spell correctly in all?

  1. Jackie saw 9 squirrels, 37 sparrows, 22 pigeons, and 4 benches at the park. To the nearest ten, how many animals did Jackie see at the park?

  1. Annie counted the number of coins in her coin bank. She counted 9 quarters, 9 nickels, 9 pennies, and 7 dimes. How much money does Annie have?



  • Open House September 25th, 6pm-7pm
  • We are collecting aluminum can tabs to help the Ronald McDonald House. Please continue to send those throughout the school year at your convenience.
  • We are collecting box tops to help our school. Please continue to send those throughout the school year at your convenience.


  • Math - We will solve one and two step addition problems using addition strategies. We will determine the value of a collection of coins and bills.
  • Science - We will predict, investigate and make observations of physical properties of matter and record data.
  • Reading - We will summarize text and identify the theme of a fable and myth.
  • Language Arts - We will identify and analyze the parts of a sentence.
  • Soc. St. - We will celebrate Freedom Week by learning about our Constitution.


    • Math - Please continue to study all addition and subtraction facts up to 20 for ten to fifteen minutes per day. This could be done using flash cards (bought or homemade), any website that offers practice for addition and subtraction math facts to 20, and/or any math apps for tablets, iPads, or smartphones. They also have accounts set up for Xtramath and IXL. Student usernames and passwords will be written in their agenda. This can be done anywhere including car, waiting in line, outdoors or any place! This is such a huge piece in helping students feel confident in the classroom and more successful in math!
    • Reading - Read for 10-20 minutes and answer the Choice Board question each night. Homework is due on Friday.
    • Spelling - Practice spelling words. Spelling Quick Check on Friday